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ITWU XPages Legacy Enabler

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German website (data sheet, documentation, success story)

Nowadays a lot of your employees are not working at their desktop PC exclusively anymore. The rise of tablets and smartphones also affects our working environment and imposes new requirements to our old business applications - with the ITWU XPages Legacy Enabler at hand they will now be able to meet these requirements.

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The ITWU XPages Enabler for IBM Lotus Notes Domino Legacy Databases (in short: ITWU XPages Legacy Enabler) consists of several XPages components. Taking up only a few minutes of your time, these components can turn your old Domino Legacy databases into modern web applications which can be accessed on any given web browser or smartphone. Lotus Domino applications which are already enabled for web use can be provided with a whole new UI specifically suited for small displays of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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With the ITWU XPages Legacy Enabler you can read every single document of your old databases in a web browser and on a mobile device. Furthermore, it provides extensive capabilities for the web-based configuration of your application. This way you can customize your application so that it becomes editable on the web. You can also define which views of your old database you want to access on the web or on mobile devices or which fields you want to integrate into the forms. The intuitive web interface for these configuration capabilities does not even require specific technical knowledge.

You want to know more about the ITWU XPages Legacy Enabler? Take a look at our ITWU knows ITWU shows videos!

So just keep in mind: as soon as your employees start complaining about their old Domino databases which cannot be accessed on the web or on mobile devices, you really should give us a call! We mobilize you applictions.

Additional information:
ITWU XPages Legacy Enabler - Data sheet(German PDF)